Grocery Shopping Tips

Here are some tips for healthier grocery shopping:

Don't shop when you're hungry. This is very important because you definitely don't make the best choices when you're hungry.

Take your time. Don't be in a rush to shop as you won't make good decisions and you're actually more likely to overbuy.

Walk the entire store. Not only is walking through the entire store good exercise, but you'll be more inclined to discover new foods that you wouldn't have noticed before.

Read nutrition labels. I've been amazed to find that the specifications of even ordinary foods -- like canned tomatoes -- can vary dramatically by brand.

Try new foods (especially vegetables). Be brave and adventurous. If you see a vegetable you've never heard of or tried, either make a note to research it later, ask someone at the store about it, or just buy it and try it! You may not like it, but you never know -- you could discover a delicious, low-calorie food.

Stay away from prepared foods. Be wary of the in-store deli, bakery, or restaurant: you have no idea how those foods are prepared (most likely with tons of oil and extra fat). You're much better of making similar foods at home yourself, where you can control the ingredients.

Do you have some tips of your own? Let me know and I'll post them to the site!