How to Eat Pizza

I used to think high-calorie foods like pizza were completely off-limits. (They definitely are the way I used to eat them: I could polish off a whole pizza in one sitting!)

Then I created my own low-calorie versions which are pretty tasty, but occasionally I just get a craving for really bad-for-you pizza (like pepperoni). Traditionally I buy take-and-bake pizza, so I tried lightening that (I get Papa Murphy's Delight pizza and tell them to use half the cheese they normally do).

This works, though it's still pretty high in calories and saturated fat. The key problem is that while for one meal it's not a problem, I always have leftovers, which means several high-fat meals within a few days. Not only does that leave me hungry (the pizza meals are low in volume but high in calories), but it's a lot of saturated fat within a few days.

My solution? Buy pizza by the slice instead of a whole pie! It's still outrageously high-calorie and unhealthy, but once in a while (say once or twice a month) it's a nice treat and as long as you're good the rest of your meals, it works. Bundle a slice or two with a salad and some fruit so you feel full and it's a nice lunch.