Free Diet Software!

I am pleased to announce that I've been working on some nutritional software that will compliment my diet book. The software is called nuTracker and is a simple nutritional database that helps you track calories and nutritional information. There's some software out there that already does similar things, but nuTracker is much simpler and easier to use, offering considerable power in a refined interface. I hope to have a beta version out soon so you can try it out!

While I plan to sell the software separately, I will also offer it bundled with the book for substantial savings. Even better, I've decided to reward anyone who pre-orders the book with a free nuTracker license!

The Book Is Coming

The book is coming! The book is coming!

Yes, I've been making progress. It's a little slower than I planned, but it's coming. Next week I meet with my dietician to get her feedback and then I'll finalize the material and send it off to the printer. I'm not sure exactly how long that will take, but hopefully not too long. I'd like to have books in my hand in March.

My next goal is to get the pre-ordering system set up so that those of you who are interested in the book can get your orders in right away. This will also help me gauge the interest in the book. I'd like to get at least 100 pre-orders so I can order them in bulk. The print-on-demand service I'm using is convenient as I don't have to stock books and fulfill them myself if don't want to, but I think it'd be easier to order a bunch of books pre-printed in advance if I know I've got a number of orders. I'll obviously offer some kind of a special reward for those who pre-order!