My name is Marc Zeedar. I was overweight for many years. I didn't think my diet was terrible, as I enjoyed fruits and vegetables and tried to eat balanced meals, though I knew I didn't get enough exercise. I paid little attention to the caloric amounts of what I was eating. I enjoyed rich foods and liked to eat large quantities, so I considered myself a "Gourmand Gourmet."

Then in September 2006 I was hospitalized with pancreatitis as a result of undiagnosed diabetes. I needed to change my lifestyle radically, and I did. I began to learn about foods, nutrition, and weight loss. I had resigned myself to a "diet" -- I figured I'd be starving all the time and missing foods I used to eat. Then I discovered that it was possible to create huge meals that were delicious and flavorful but still waist-friendly and tremendously healthy.

In six months I went from requiring daily insulin injections and cholesterol of over 300 to managing my diabetes without medication and normal cholesterol. Today I am medicine free, I've lost 75 pounds, and I feel incredible!

Through the encouragement of friends and family, I decided to organize all my diet tips and recipes into a book,
Eating Big While Eating Lean.

-- Marc