GTD Author David Allen talks nutrition

I came across an interview with David Allen, the author of the terrific Getting Things Done book, where he talks about managing stress and eating in today's lifestyle. Here's an excerpt:

"One of my biggest 'A ha's!' that was a big surprise to me, was nutrition. I didn't think it was that big a deal. I lived a disposal life, just "open mouth insert food." In the travel I was doing in my life, I thought if I exercised enough that would handle it. ...I discovered a nutritional program that made a lot of difference. Since then, I've reduced to almost zero cold and flu. It allows me a lot more stable energy, I think, than the highs, ups and lows and downs that I've been expecting before."

Excellent interview. One of the main points in my book is how I never used to pay attention to what I ate and a stressful life just encourages that.