GTD Author David Allen talks nutrition

I came across an interview with David Allen, the author of the terrific Getting Things Done book, where he talks about managing stress and eating in today's lifestyle. Here's an excerpt:

"One of my biggest 'A ha's!' that was a big surprise to me, was nutrition. I didn't think it was that big a deal. I lived a disposal life, just "open mouth insert food." In the travel I was doing in my life, I thought if I exercised enough that would handle it. ...I discovered a nutritional program that made a lot of difference. Since then, I've reduced to almost zero cold and flu. It allows me a lot more stable energy, I think, than the highs, ups and lows and downs that I've been expecting before."

Excellent interview. One of the main points in my book is how I never used to pay attention to what I ate and a stressful life just encourages that.

Pre-Order Special


I am pleased to announce that you can now pre-order my new book! Eat Big While Eating Lean is being finalized right now and will begin shipping in March 2008.

The book is being self-published via a print-on-demand printer, so there will be two ways you can order the book. You can order it directly from the printer's website (I'll link to that when the book is ready to order) or you can order directly from me. I plan to buy some of the books in advance and sell them directly.

One advantage of this latter approach is that I can begin selling the book early, before they are printed. This will help me raise funds to purchase the books in advance and save money via volume purchasing and shipping. Now I know not everyone wants to pre-order things -- you want the book today. But to reward those of you who will pay in advance, I'm offering a very special limited time promotion:

Pre-order Eat Big While Eating Lean and I'll give you a free license to my nuTracker software when it is released!

That's right: a $25 software license for free!

Keep in mind that this offer is for a very limited time. Once the book has been printed and is ready for sale (early March), the pre-order special will be over. So if you're interested in a great deal, place your pre-order today.


Nearly Finished

I've been working like mad on the book and my nuTracker software and I am pleased to report that I've made tremendous progress. In the past few weeks I've added several significant appendixes to the book and they really help fill in a few holes. The information is more technical and not everyone will be interested in it, which is why I put the info into appendixes, but I was feeling like something was missing, that the book felt too "light" and these additions help provide more technical details for those interested.

We're nearly there! I've actually finalized a lot of the details and the book right now is in the proof-reader's hands.

Next up is getting the pre-order system in place, which I hope to do shortly. My plan is to have the Pre-Order Special for several weeks and be able to ship the first books in March. I have a conference to attend in Texas in mid-March so I've got to get them shipped before that!

Meal Photos

Seeing is believing, right? Most people cannot fathom how good I'm eating when I tell them my meals are 500-600 calories. So I've put together a little collection of photos of some of my real meals -- this is how I eat every day, I swear!

(The recipes for most of these meals will be in my upcoming book.)